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The P in Productivity is for Pocky!

Posted by Tim Riley Sun, 02 Jul 2006 08:00:00 GMT

Pocky, uploaded by olivander.

During my essay writing this semester, I found a new study aid: Pocky! Although I once had this magic on a stick many years ago, I found it again while shopping in the asian supermarkets around Moonta St in Adelaide. It gives a sugar boost that is particularly useful to stimulate study, but I only hope that I don’t go too far.

There is no hope, however, for Morning Musume. This is a Japenese pop band that my friend Mikael recently introduced me to; all of their music is so bouncy and saccharine that it appears to have been written entirely on a pocky high. I really enjoy it; it is an energy boost in itself, but I think I might stick to ABC Classic FM when it comes to the essays.

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New CDs

Posted by Tim Riley Sun, 06 Nov 2005 15:54:00 GMT

Yesterday I bought three CDs. First was the album Road Apples by the The Tragically Hip. I sought this one out based on a suggestion linking it to Hawksley Workman. After a first listen I would pen it as unremarkable early-90s Canadian Rock, but I will give it a few more chances.

The two other discs I picked up were much more satisfying. The store had a bin full of cheap classical music, so I chose a couple of pieces that I really should know: Handel’s Water Music and Royal Fireworks Music, as well as Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake and Sleeping Beauty suites. I have immensely enjoyed these from first listen, and will be sure to listen to them a number of times over as I spend this week cooped up studying for my final uni essay.

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Post-Marxism Portable

Posted by Tim Riley Tue, 18 Oct 2005 16:15:00 GMT

Last night after work I cycled to the Barr Smith Library to get some sources for my next uni essay. I photocopied about twenty journal articles and borrowed four or five books. Riding home, it felt pretty good to know that I had pretty much the entire post-marxist debate sitting in my backpack.

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Events this week: Existentialism and Badgers

Posted by Tim Riley Sun, 09 Oct 2005 10:45:00 GMT

A couple of events this week. First up is something I found out about at the Barr Smith library today: Philosophy Jammm, “a forum for informal discussion, reflection and debate on life’s big questions.” This year they have a series on controversial philosphers, and on Tuesday night there will be a meeting on “Nietzsche & Kierkegaard: Following or Leading to Enlightenment?” presented by Dr Brodie Beales.

Free admission, Tuesday October 11th from 8-10pm at Jah’z Cafe & Lounge, 7 Cinema Place (off Rundle St).

I am not sure how much debate I will engage in, but I am sure it will be interesting to hear people’s opinions.

Second is the Ubuntu “Breezy Badger” 5.10 release party at the Belgian Beer Cafe! Details from the announcement:

Where: Belgian Beer Cafe, off Rundle St
When: Thursday, October 13th.  21:00 onwards.
Who: Anybody interested in Ubuntu.

See you around for some philosophy and beer in this exciting October week!

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Marx in Space

Posted by Tim Riley Tue, 27 Sep 2005 16:49:00 GMT

Whenever I am meant to be intently focused on writing an essay, I get distracted by all sorts of things. Today I learnt that there is an asteroid named after Karl Marx. It was discovered in 1969 by Russian astronomer Lyudmila Ivanovna Chernykh. She has discovered 268 asteroids in total, just under half the number discovered by her astronomer husband!

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