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Life in Canberra

Posted by Tim Riley Thu, 02 Aug 2007 12:29:00 GMT

It's about time that I update you all on what has been going on lately. At the start of July, I moved to Canberra from Adelaide in order to be closer to my girl, and life since then continues to be as challenging and rewarding as ever.

Things with work have not changed -- I'm still fighting the good fight with the rest of the NetFox crew. In the last few weeks, we've delivered a number of handy improvements to the product (see our blog for info), and we have a long list of enhancements that we will be releasing regularly over the months to come. I feel like we really have begun to hit our straps in terms of getting product improvements written, integrated, tested and released in good time.

I have continued to play volleyball after moving here. I'm playing with the ANU Volleyball Club in the ACT State League. I'm setting for the team, as I was in Adelaide. After a couple of rusty games adapting to the different style of play and getting used to the super cold playing environment, I have found my feet again. The league plays on Wednesday nights here, and last night the team had its first win since I joined. I'm looking forward to playing with the team into the finals.

I've been getting out and about quite a lot in this new city, thanks to Misch's active and welcoming group of friends. In the last month I have enjoyed a couple of benders out on the town (who said Canberra was dead?), a volleyball club quiz night, and lots of gourmet pizza and movies. Tomorrow night I am looking forward to going to the annual law students society Ball at Parliament House!

Finally, since I have come here, I have been reenergised to work more on personal web projects. To start with, I am working on my blog, giving it a new design that incorporates all the microformats and possibly looking at implementing OpenID logins for SimpleLog.


  1. Ric said about 2 hours later:
    Glad you're keeping the fingers tuned ... and that Canberra is so much fun! Look forward to seeing the microformats at work.

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