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Hackety Hack!

Posted by Tim Riley Thu, 03 May 2007 05:53:00 GMT

My first brush with programming was writing Beatles songs in QBasic. It was a fun and simple experience that and was inspiration for me to learn more.

This sort of accessible introductory experience has disappeared for a while now, but thanks to why the lucky stiff, Hackety Hack is poised to bring it… backety back. Best of all, it wraps everything up in current concepts:

How can you find fault in a programming tutorial that teaches you how to make a blog before it teaches you how to do arithmetic? -aparrish

Further, _why is fostering a community around the system, which looks like it will culminate with all budding hackers being able to share their programs with each other. Having been involved in “grown up” open source projects, I can certainly say that their sense of community is a big part of their appeal, and this should work in the same way here.

Anyway, read the manifesto and check it out!


  1. postlogic said about 7 hours later:
    Oy, that's just neat. And now I have a certain tune on my mind.

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