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Archived content 2005-2007 and copying mixed audio/data CDs

Posted by Tim Riley Tue, 21 Nov 2006 12:29:00 GMT

Here is my first Max OS X tip!

I have noticed some strange behaviour when using to copy a couple of my audio CDs. When it is storing the disc to be duplicated, the progress bar begins to grow steadily, but after a few percent is done, it skips straight to 100% and asks you to insert the blank disc.

This seems to happen when the disc in question is a mixed data/audio CD. Disco seems to only recognise the data session and ignores the audio one (which is the part I want).

To work around this, open up the OS X Disk Utility program (in /Applications/Utilities), and you will see two different mounted entries for your CD. Select the one that represents the data session and choose to unmount (not eject) it. Restrt Disco and then it will be able to properly copy your audio CD. You will lose the data session, but at least you can get your tunes!

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