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On a jetplane

Posted by Tim Riley Tue, 02 May 2006 04:28:00 GMT

I’m going to China in a few days. So far I have:

  • My passport and visa ready
  • Enabled global roaming on my phone
  • Checked that I remember my MasterCard PIN number
  • Bought new shoelaces

Before I leave I plan to:

  • Withdraw cash, which I will convert upon arrival
  • Move some money to my credit account, which I can use abroad

I’m not a seasoned international traveller. Is there anything else I should consider?


  1. daniel said about 3 hours later:

    Take a photocopy of your passport etc and put it in a different bag to your actual passport.

    BTW : I think you should start blogging you eating habits and shoe tying experiences :)

  2. Marco said about 4 hours later:

    Your list lacks a towel.

  3. Ben Askins said about 4 hours later:

    If you’re taking portable electronic devices (phone included) make sure you have a plug converter.

  4. John said about 17 hours later:

    photocopy both passport and ticket and store in alternate bag to real items. Depending on where you are going/staying some US dollars can also be useful. You cannot rely on ATM ’s being found or working so carry some cash but not your life savings. Some places run on cash and do not take credit cards

    Take a gastro pack, something to block you up and something to release, as different foods, water etc can play merry hell if you aren’t used to changes

    If you have a laptop and a few electronic devices like camera, phone etc think about USB based charging cables and a single adaptor plug to power the laptop, especially if you need to download photos from the camera

    Planes can be very cold so take a jumper

    Drink lots of water, eat less of the plane food (it comes frequently espeially if going over time zones) and relax.

    Buy some melatonin (outside of Oz, not available here) as it works very well at resetting your internal time clock to reduce jet lag.

  5. Morven said 1 day later:

    did you get any vaccinations? and i agree with what John said about gastro meds, some imodium (generic name = loperamide) could be very useful. anyway have a fabulous trip :-)

  6. Josh said 2 days later:

    I have faith that your dad will set you straight if he thinks you need anything you haven’t thought of Tim

  7. Tim said 3 days later:

    Thanks for all the tips, everyone! I’m leaving tomorrow morning and will head off now with much greater confidence!


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