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A different kind of instant

Posted by Tim Riley Sun, 26 Mar 2006 12:00:00 GMT

I have decided to stop connecting to the MSN and ICQ instant messaging networks. On ICQ I have been getting too much spam lately, and the M in MSN is something that I have been avoiding everywhere else anyway.

I will still be connecting to the Google Talk (Jabber) and AIM services, so please use these if you would like to contact me. If you would like my account details, do send me an email or leave a comment.


  1. Shifty said about 12 hours later:

    Nice, if more of the people i knew were using google’s jabba server i would also ditch MSN . For now its IRC and MSN :(


  2. Lauren said about 22 hours later:

    That sucks that you’re leaving MSN :-( What’s your username for Google Talk?

  3. Tim Riley said about 23 hours later:

    Lauren, it’s my gmail address. I’ll email it to you in case you can’t remember.

  4. said 1 day later:

    I loves Openbox ….lol

    Can you mail me your Jabber id dude we need to takl ;-)

  5. said 1 day later:

    *talk even lol


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