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Bad Hair Day!

Posted by Tim Riley Thu, 12 Jan 2006 13:40:00 GMT

Per says: “I’ve got boxes and drawers of so many songs & ideas & rubbish lying around my house and I just felt like sharing all this with you guys out there! I guess it’s basically for the hardcore fan, but still, it’s kinda interesting if you’re into the mesmerizing enigma of songwriting…”

Today Per Gessle released a collection of demos for his smash-hit Swedish Mazarin album, freely available to download, along with PDF cover art!

I love these rare moments when smart musicians actually get the internet. This is a great way for Per to reward his fans and to stimulate further interest in his music, without detracting at all from the prominence of his for-sale works. Encouragingly, it looks like there will be much more unreleased music to come, under the “Bad Hair Day” moniker.


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