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Music to hack to

Posted by Tim Riley Sat, 07 Jan 2006 23:20:00 GMT

Matt Palmer asks what music people like to listen to when coding. My preference is to listen so a good seamless mix of electronic music, usually driving and upbeat.

The Cloud Factory Collective’s web site is a great place to get music to hack by. Some choice mixes:

My friend Adam Bellinson has recently started DJing drum & bass mixes on Linux using the open source tool Mixxx. I have been enjoying his work a lot too. The mixes can be downloaded from his torrents page.

One track I acquired recently with an iTMS voucher I got for Christmas is the Back to the Future overture from the soundtrack of the first film. Although it is only 8 minutes in length, I have found this to be very enjoyable to have playing especially when overcoming big bugs or problems in code, because the emotion that is conveyed in the piece makes me feel like I am a hero like Marty McFly saving the fabric of space and time :-)


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