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Events this week: Existentialism and Badgers

Posted by Tim Riley Sun, 09 Oct 2005 10:45:00 GMT

A couple of events this week. First up is something I found out about at the Barr Smith library today: Philosophy Jammm, “a forum for informal discussion, reflection and debate on life’s big questions.” This year they have a series on controversial philosphers, and on Tuesday night there will be a meeting on “Nietzsche & Kierkegaard: Following or Leading to Enlightenment?” presented by Dr Brodie Beales.

Free admission, Tuesday October 11th from 8-10pm at Jah’z Cafe & Lounge, 7 Cinema Place (off Rundle St).

I am not sure how much debate I will engage in, but I am sure it will be interesting to hear people’s opinions.

Second is the Ubuntu “Breezy Badger” 5.10 release party at the Belgian Beer Cafe! Details from the announcement:

Where: Belgian Beer Cafe, off Rundle St
When: Thursday, October 13th.  21:00 onwards.
Who: Anybody interested in Ubuntu.

See you around for some philosophy and beer in this exciting October week!



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